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Join our PADI Seal Team programme Ė itís just plain cool!  - £125 (inc pack)*
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Our seal teams run at Eckington swimming baths and at Hillsborough Leisure Centre (HLC)HLC members pay a discounted price on presentation of their valid membership card.





Designed for kids aged 8+ this exciting new programme is built around action-packed AquaMissions!  Take an underwater pool adventure where you learn scuba activities like AquaMission: Inner Space Specialist where youíll learn how to float underwater like an Astronaut. Or AquaMission: Snapshot Specialist where PADI Seal Team members take underwater pictures of each other scuba diving.

The activities are supported by a video, manual and logbook, and is broken into two parts. Part 1, teaches you the basics of diving - things like buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, etc.

PADI Master Seals Programme £115*

When youíve completed the skills you move onto specialty AquaMissions. These 5 specialty dives teach you different scuba activities.   Book both programmes together and only pay for 9 lessons - £207!

When you've completed the Master Seals Programme there are even more specialities for you to choose As you can see from the list of Speciality AquaMissions below, PADI Seals sample different dives. And the best part of the Specialty AquaMissions, youíll have fun whilst learning safe diving skills! 

Specialities include:

bulletCreature ID Specialist
bulletEnvironmental Specialist
bulletInner Space Specialist
bulletNight Specialist
bulletNavigation Specialist
bulletSafety Specialist
bulletWreck Specialist
bulletSearch & Recovery Specialist
bulletSkin Diver Specialist
bulletSnapshot Specialist

                      Get involved today Book now or Contact us for more details! 

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