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Oxygen Provider  65   

The course is designed to train you to better recognise possible dive-related injuries and educate you in the techniques of using oxygen as first aid for a suspected dive injury while activating the local emergency medical services (EMS) and / or arranging for evacuation to the nearest available medical facility. It will also introduce novice divers to the fundamentals of recognising diving injury signs and symptoms, response and management.  You will demonstrate skill and confidence while providing emergency oxygen to simulated injured divers by:

1. Assess the scene and oxygen provider safety
2. Deploy and operate the Oxygen Unit
3. Select and prepare the appropriate oxygen mask
4. Operate the Oxygen Unit and use the following oxygen delivery devices:

bullet Demand inhalator valve and mask
bullet Constant-flow, non-rebreather mask
bullet Oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet

5. Identify the main components of the Oxygen Unit

bullet Oxygen cylinder and valve
bullet Multi-function regulator
bullet Oxygen washer
bullet Constant-flow controller
bullet Demand inhalator valve
bullet Oronasal mask
bullet Non-rebreather mask
bullet Oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet

Are there any prerequisites?
No, however First Aid and CPR training is recommended.

How long will it take?
2 - 3 Hours

What will I need?
PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual
Non-rebreather mask


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